Rationalization Number Sixteen.

devil-571218_640I am going to be  easy on you with  this rationalization because I’ve been there and I know what it means to smokers when they say, “I can’t quit because  I am afraid of the unknown”, but instead of using the word ‘unknown’, they use something that is closer to home, ‘demons and monsters’.

Only ignorant people believe in monsters and demons. It’s as plain as that. I think all the arguments I presented here de-bunking the previous rationalizations are enough to see that there are no monsters and daemons out there to get you after you quit smoking. There is only you and how much you are willing to work not to take another puff in your life, like Joel Spitzer always says and always finishes his videos in YouTube and in his book Never take another puff.

When I was 7 or 8, I don’t remember, we used to live in my aunt’s house because, well, we didn’t have a house of our own. It took years for father to build it on his own. Me and my brother, we would never go to bed unless there was this doll head positioned above a lamp which was on the wall across our beds. That doll head was our guardian, she protected us from the monsters that lived in the dark.

zombies-598393_640Were our fears real? What do you think? Of course not. It was in our heads. There are no monsters living in the dark. It’s night and then day comes, and then night again, and soon. That happens because the earth revolves around her axis and around the sun!

There are no demons or monsters or any other fears after you quit smoking. There is willingness to work on ridding yourself of a deadly addiction and also educate yourself to become a new version of you, a version who doesn’t need to kill him/herself anymore or anyone around you.

Nicotine is just a chemical and it’s really strong, I’ll grant you that, but you are a complex human being capable of making trillions of decisions in a fraction of a second. You are much much smarter than a chemical; you don’t have to be stronger to win this war between you and your drug, you need to be smarter!

demon-161607_640Lesson Number 16: I hope you did learn your lesson after reading this article. I have nothing else to add at the moment, I only hope I will see you on the other side, my friend. Have a healthy and happy day.

My Warmest Regards,

Andreas Michaelides

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